Ram Setu First Look, Trailer, Plots, Casts and Crews

Ram Setu Introduction

Ram Setu

This article is all about the movie “Ram Setu”. Ram Setu is a Bollywood movie that is based on mythology. Ram Setu is directed by Abhishek Sharma and Produced by Aruna Bhatia and Vikram Malhotra. The movie Ram Setu is full of action, adventure and drama.

The lead cast of this movie is Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nushrat Bharucha and Satyadev Kancharana.

The movie “Ram Setu” is all about the Ramayana and the Ram Setu bridge which is built by Lord Rama with the help of Vanara. You can soon enjoy it in theatres.

Ram Setu Movie Details

It is announced that this movie will be released on 24 October 2022 on the eve of Diwali. This story is all about an archaeologist, who tries to find out whether the Ram Setu Bridge is a myth or has any reality.

As per the epic Ramayana, the bridge was built by Lord Ram to rescue his wife Devi Sita from Lanka. Sita was kidnapped by Lanka’s King Ravana. The bridge was made with stones, which are floating on the sea.

We came to know that the director Abhishek Sharma has been trying to build a story on Epic Ramayana since 2007.

The co-producer Aruna Bhatia and Vikram Malhotra were producing this film under the production companies Kumar’s Cape of good films, Abundantia Entertainment, Lyca Productions and Amazon Prime Video.

Due to some health issues, Aruna Bhatia died in September 2021. Producer Vikram Malhotra, CEO of Abundantia Entertainment said that the film is based on ” a story formed in facts, science and historical heritage”.

The movie “Ram Setu” is officially announced on 14 November 2020 on Diwali. A puja ceremony was conducted for the muhurat shot on 18 March 2021 at Ram JanmaBhoomi Temple in Ayodhya.

Further, It was decided that the film shooting would take place in Ayodhya and the film city in Gautam Budha Nagar district of the National Capital Region in Uttar Pradesh. Due to the crowd and uncontrolled gathering of people, the visit to Ram ki Paidi Ghats in Ayodhya was canceled.

The shooting was stopped for a few months due to the covid-19 Pandemic and at the same time, the Maharashtra Government announced a lockdown for the spread of the second wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The film will be released both in Hindi and English versions.

Ram Setu’s first look

Ram Setu first look

You can see Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Satyadev in the poster of Ram Setu. The poster was unveiled on April 23 by the producer. Here you can see Akshay Kumar with firelight in his hands and standing in front of a wall with ancient symbols.

The ancient symbols show that he is at a historical location in the poster. Jacqueline Fernandez is also standing with him holding a torch in her hands, and Satyadev is standing behind them with the camera pans in the poster, the three are looking at the same location.

The poster of Ram Setu is very interesting and now people are eagerly waiting to watch it in theatres. The fans are very excited after seeing the first poster of Ram Setu on Social Media. You can also enjoy it on Amazon Prime after the release date.

Ram Setu Cast and Crews

The movie poster was released by Akshay Kumar on Social Media and soon the movie is going to be released in theaters. The cast and crew of the movie “Ram Setu” is confirmed.

  • Aruna Bhatia and Vikram Malhotra are the producers of the movie
  • The movie is directed by Abhishek Sharma
  • The writing credits go to Pramod Kumar and Abhishek Sharma
  • Akshay Kumar is in the lead role and playing the role of an archaeologist as Raman Kumar
  • Jacqueline Fernandez, Nushrat Bharucha, Satyadev Kancharana, Shivam Gaur, Lovely Bhati, Pravesh Rana and Subham Jaykar are in the main cast of the movie ” Ram Setu”

In March 2021, Jacqueline Fernandez and Nushrat Bharucha signed the paper to play the lead roles in the movie “Ram Setu” in June 2021, Satyadev Kancharana also revealed that he is also playing a role in the film marking his debut in Hindi Cinemas. The movie is full of adventure and mystery and the fans are excited to see this movie in theatres.

Ram Setu Shooting

The shooting of this movie happened under quarantine restrictions. So, many underwater action scenes, oceanic shoots and climaxes were postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Sri Lanka.

At first, Kerala was chosen for the shooting. But due to the increased number of Covid-19 cases, it was not possible. So, in the end, Daman and Diu were chosen for the shooting of Ram Setu.

The shooting was stopped in September 2021 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and resumed by mid-October 2021. Some parts of Ram Setu were shooted in Mumbai. On December 5, 2021, the shooting was finished in Daman Diu and by January the shooting of Ram Setu was completed.

It was planned to shoot in some parts of Kerala and Gujarat. But It was impossible to shoot under the Covid-19 restrictions. So, later it was canceled.

Ram Setu Trailer

Now you can also see the trailer of Ram Setu on the Internet. Many fans twittered that they are eagerly waiting to see the movie. As this movie is based on mythology so people of any age group can see it.

Akshay Kumar who is playing the role of Raman Kumar as an archaeologist was finding the truth about the Ram Setu Bridge. This story is all about bravery, courage and love.

Ram Setu is a movie bridging the past, present, and future gaps. On the occasion of Diwali, the movie “Ram Setu” will be released in 240 countries and territories. So are you guys interested in seeing this movie?

Some fans pointed out errors after seeing the ad and are taking action as a result. It is a unique movie in Bollywood which has adventure, mystery, thriller, and drama.


This is all about the movie “Ram Setu” which is going to release soon in theatres. In this article, we provided every small detail about the movie such as casts, release date, trailer, location and posters. The fans of Akshay Kumar are eagerly waiting for the upcoming movie and its release date. So, go fast and see the movie poster, and trailer and you will be more excited to see the full movie. I hope this article helped you to know the details of the movie.

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